Ecological Considerations

Adahan Istanbul is a listed monument. The plan of the original mansion has been preserved in its original shape and dimensions. In the re-use project the following principles of ecological nature were adopted. In the design of our hotel simple technological devices used for our aim helped us to include Adahan Istanbul in the green star category of international hotels.The sun collectors on the roofs help to obtain hot water for the rooms.The heating and cooling system work with a system of heat pumps.The clean water consumption is reduced by a system of collectors of the rainwater which is also mecanically and chemically cleaned.The original chimneys of the building are re-used as airducts for the ventilation of the interior spaces.Instead of the cement plaster, the lime plaster and lime based whitewash are used. This application of traditional materials provide a better humidity control because it prevents the concentration of dump on the wall surfaces. This usage also prevents the concentration of micro organisms in the room atmosphere.

In the decoration of the bedrooms all kind of syntetic materials are excluded. Sheets and curtains are wowen of cotton, wool, and natural fibers. The main furniture of wood is specifically designed in simple almost rustic lines. Natural materials help a sound circulation of air between the layers of bedding.